For students

For Master’s students

I am the responsible professor for the Complex Systems major in the Life Science Technologies master’s programme at Aalto University. The application period is usually around January-February. If you have a B.Sc. in computer science, physics, applied maths, bioinformatics, or similar (i.e. know probability & statistics, differential equations, linear algebra, and have at least some experience of crunching numbers with Python, Matlab, or R), and want to learn networks, nonlinear dynamics, a bit of machine learning, and other fun stuff, this major is for you. As you can see in the description of courses, there’s a lot of freedom and you can tailor the major to suit your interests.

The complex systems major is part of the new Doctoral Track initiative of the Department of Computer Science. The best students can directly apply to the doctoral track, and if selected, they will directly begin their studies towards a PhD degree (a Master’s thesis still needs to be done, but it is just an early milestone…) with a curriculum that is tailored towards this.

For PhD students

Whenever I have open positions I’ll advertise them here and on Twitter. Right now my team is unfortunately full and I cannot take any new students.