Postdoc Wanted — Network Science, Public Transport Networks, Cities, etc


We are looking for a postdoc (2 years) to work on the intersection of complex systems/networks, transport engineering, human mobility, the science of cities, and data science.

This position is related to ongoing collaboration between my group and prof. Milos Mladenovic’s (Twitter: milosplanner) transport engineering group  (both at Aalto University, Helsinki area, Finland).

We want to bridge the gap between network science and transport engineering, including city planning and public transport network planning; for our earlier joint works, see, e.g.,

What we can offer:

  • Access to unique data: e.g., details of all trips from Kutsuplus, famous for being the world’s first on-demand public transport service; vehicle-level geocoordinate trajectories for public transport in the Helsinki region; aggregated mobile-phone flow data; and more coming in.
  • True multidisciplinarity with real-life application potential: in addition to the two teams from different domains (networks & transport), we interact with on-demand transport companies, the Helsinki Region Transport Authority, etc.
  • Access to heavy-duty computational resources (our Triton cluster, etc)
  • Access to lots of in-house expertise on networks, data science, and transport studies
  • Lively environment: Aalto University with a campus ~10 km from the centre of Helsinki with its own subway station (great public transport connectivity!)
  • Decent salary: >3keur/month, which is really quite OK in the Helsinki area (despite taxes + costs of living being a bit higher than in most countries)
  • Darkness of winter that is compensated by almost around-the-clock sunlight in the summer!

What we expect:

  • Expertise in network science/complex systems/data science
  • Some level of expertise in cities, transport, spatial networks, geodata, etc
  • PhD in a field relevant to the above
  • Skills in Python or willingness to learn them fairly quickly (packages such as gtfspy will help you get started)
  • Interest in the topic!

The call is open until 20th of December; the applications will be processed and (Skype) interviews with shortlisted candidates will be conducted in January 2020.

Please email a single combined PDF document containing 1) a cover letter, 2) your CV and publication list, 3) contact details for two references, to, with “Mobility postdoc” in the topic.