Hello World


…and thank you for being here today! You might have arrived here because you are part of the community of network and complex systems researchers, or because you’ve come across my name for some other reason, or because you have just googled for interesting things and Google has magically transported you here! Well probably not, yet, since there isn’t that much content yet… Anyway, let’s get started.

I intend to post stories on science of networks and complex systems and maybe talk a bit about some of my own research. Let’s also see if I can come up with something beyond the usual “look-here-I-advertise-my-research-paper” stuff (hey I’ll nevertheless do that as well :-), like interviewing interesting people or writing speculative essays, or posting data and code!

Anyway, some keywords for future posts (also for motivation see “Google” in the above paragraphs): complex systems, complex networks, temporal networks, network neuroscience, social networks, human immune system, computational immunology (nice term, I hope no-one else has invented it before). 

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