Do you want to study complex systems? M.Sc. admissions open until 3.1.2020!

Complex systems

Are you looking for a master’s programme? Admission is now open for our Life Science Technologies master’s programme at Aalto University, Finland, Europe; there is a Complex Systems major within the program and I am the responsible professor. And I am looking for talented and motivated students from all parts of the world!

What’s in the major? A lot of interesting and cool things: network science, data science, machine learning, nonlinear dynamics, to mention a few! Here’s why networks are the thing. And if you want to know more about what complex systems are, just have a look at previous posts in this blog, e.g. on mobile-telephone calls, ants, and the immune system.

Here is a complete list of courses in the complex systems major for this winter (only minor changes coming in 2020).

There is a lot of freedom in designing your own curriculum: there are many courses to choose from, including courses by other Life Science Technologies majors. This makes it possible to mix and match: want a combination of machine learning and complex networks? Check. Want to be a network neuroscientist? Check. Want to get a broad training in data science? Check.

Note: even though the programme is called Life Science Technologies, you can almost completely avoid anything that begins with “bio” if you so wish. As an example, I have students who focus on social networks, computational social science, or public transport networks, and who I believe haven’t taken any biomedical courses. But, if bio is your thing instead, there are plenty of opportunities here too!

One more thing: the doctoral track. If you are talented and your grades are excellent, you can apply to the doctoral track where your final target is not the master’s degree but a PhD; your studies are tailored towards that goal and you’ll get to spend time as intern in our research groups, with the aim of publishing the first journal article(s) of your thesis already before you get the master’s degree.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply here! The deadline is on Jan 3rd, 2020.

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